CFR Coaches

CrossFit Rome Coaches

The CrossFit Rome coaches are focused on building a community supported by faith, fellowship and fitness. Each coach is uniquely gifted to meet the needs of the students who put their trust in the CrossFit methodology as directed by Head Coach, Jeff Holloway. With programming designed to assist the students to reach fitness goals never thought possible, the CFR coaches are committed to safety, professionalism, and continuous improvement. The CFR coaches hold a multitude of college degrees, certifications, and professional experiences that serve to bolster their ability to provide a one-of-a-kind fitness experience.

focused on building a community supported by faith, fellowship and fitness


Coach Jeff Holloway

Head Coach Jeff Holloway, the founder of CrossFit Rome, believes in creating an environment where community comes first and health and strength are the by-product.

Coach Glenn Getchell

Coach Glenn Getchell is known for his questionable music choices and his genuine excitement to see you walk in the door!

Coach Donna Okubo

Coach Donna Okubo is the face behind CrossFit Kids! She creates an environment for kids that is so fun they forget they are exercising. You can also find her giving private training sessions to clients and coaching classes throughout the day.

Coach Scott Abston

Coach Scott Abston provides small group technical instruction on Olympic lifting.

Coach Krista Pierce

Coach Krista Pierce brings fierce motivation and dedication to CrossFit Rome.

Coach Ryan Okubo

Coach Ryan Okubo is a steady presence at CrossFit Rome. Whether he is coaching, participating, or waiting on his wife, you can expect to see him there! You can always count on Ryan for a quick pep talk and encouragement.

Coach Jeff Mahoney

Coach Jeff Mahoney prefers carrying people over sandbags and offers comic relief to all members.

Coach Zach Harter

Coach Zach Harter is most often found at CrossFit Rome before the sun comes up leading the early risers. His specialty is helping train CrossFit athletes in endurance exercises.

Coach Brittni Hall

Coach Britni Hall is a natural coach and splits her talent between CrossFit Rome and Berry College Lacrosse. She's also a newlywed and drags her husband to 5:15 AM workouts a few days each week. That's true love!!

Laura Getchell

If Coach Jef Holloway is the heart of CrossFit Rome, Laura Getchell is the glue that keeps it together. She is the voice behind your emails, t-shirt organizer, and member coordinator. We all count on her to make CrossFit Rome run.