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September 3, 2021
September 5, 2021

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The Last Crusade (Time)

Ages 16-17, 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49

3.5-mile run

Ages 50-54, 55-59, 14-15

2.75-mile run

Ages 60-64, 65+

2-mile run

Time cap: 40 min.

* Target time: 28-32 minutes

* Time cap: 40 minutes


* Another games workout from the Teens/Masters side. Stimulus is moderate intensity while focusing on a consistent pace. Athletes will be deep in thought with this long distance run. Start steady and some what conservative to avoid early burn out. We scaled the distance down just slightly to fit within the time frame of the class.

*  Make sure athletes drink plenty of water and get some headphones on.


Give yourself 12-15 minutes to work through.

## Hinshaw warm-up written out

Perform each drill for 10m out, then walk back

1. High knee karaoke (over, over, walk, walk)

2. Over hurdle (heel, toe)

3. Knee to chest

4. Figure 4 (1 sec)

5. Lunge with reach overhead

6. Lunge torso twist (Pull hand)

7. Toy soldiers

8. High knee + arm swing

9. Butt kick + arm swing

10. Straight Leg (shallow heel)

20m out walk back

11. Side step out and back

12. Side step jumping jack out and back


13. Sitting arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec

14. Standing arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec

Perform each drill for 10m

15. Toes out walk

16. Toes in walk

17. Heels walk

18. Toes walk

19. Outside Foot walk

20. Inside Foot walk

21. 50m hash marks (fast feet) forwards & backward

22. 30m (20m speed up, 10m to slow down)

23. 45m (35m speed up, 10m to slow down)

24. 60m (50m speed up, 10m to slow down)