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July 10, 2021
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July 12, 2021

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Summertime (Time)

50 Air Squats

– into –


Single Unders (Rx+ Double Unders)


Toes to Bar

– into –

50 Air Squats

* Target time: 10-12 minutes

* Time cap: 15 minutes


* Stimulus is moderate/moderate high pacing. Athletes will begin and end this workout with a “cash-in” and “cash-out” of air squats. Athletes should be mindful to keep the cash-in at a pace that will not negatively affect them going into the actual workout.

* Higher skilled athletes should try and push the pace a little more here.

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
Post Wod Run. Not meant to be max effort today.



– Hope everyone enjoyed the last Strength Cycle. For future, strengths we will bounce back and forth with lifting before and after metcons since the majority liked it and saw the benefits.

– We will have a 2-week break from a set strength and then begin our new cycle on July 26th. In the next cycle, the strength will be more traditional lifting and Olympic mixed in throughout.


1 min couch stretch (each side)

1 min twisted cross (each side)

30 sec bicep stretch on wall (each side

[Couch Stretch](

[Twisted Cross](

[Bicep Wall Stretch](


**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**

2-minute Machine (easy pace)


6 min AMRAP

30-sec single unders

5 knees to elbows

5 dynamic squat stretch

5 jump squats

**2. Workout Prep**

5 Air Squats

10 Double Unders

3 Knee to Elbows + 2 toes to Bar

5 Air Squats