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June 25, 2021
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June 27, 2021

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Chaos (Intermediate = 2000m PR 7-8min) (Time)

Row “Aerobic Threshold”

4x (500m at fast, 1min rest b/t reps)

-Rest 3min-

2x (350m at faster, 1min rest b/t reps)

-Rest 3min-

425m at fastest

Extra Credit

Here is a sneak peak of the New Mayhem BodyBuilding track to come next weeks!!!

Warm Up:

100 cals on machine(s) of your choice


3 rounds

10 PVC pass throughs

10 PVC around the worlds

10 Arm circles (each direction)

5 Down dog/seal pose transitions


Pushups + Chin-ups 100 reps on pushups and 50 reps on chin-ups. Athlete breaks up reps however they need and can go back and forth between movements until all reps are completed

*Focus: Quality form on pushups and chin-ups. Break before reaching failure on either movement. Use band across rig to assist with chin-ups if needed

Tricep Dips + Ring Rows (Superset)

5 sets on each: 10-15 reps on each movement

*Focus: Modify dips and ring rows to a level that will allow for quality reps to at least 10. Stop before there is a breakdown in form.

Banded Tricep Extension + DB Hammer Curls

4 sets: 15-20 extensions/10-15 on hammer curls

*Focus: Extension reps should be controlled throughout movement and slight pause can be held at the bottom of each rep. Hammer curls can be done to the side or across the body.

Core Work:

4 Rounds:

25 GHD’s or Strict Abmat situps

30 Flutter Kicks (each leg)

8 Ab wheels or barbell rollouts

1 min plank hold

*Focus: Minimal rest between rounds. Treat this as it’s for time.