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Air Force One (Time)

Teams of 2

For Time:

300 Single Unders (Rx+ Double Unders)

60 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (35’s/20’s) (Rx+ HSPU)

30 Power Cleans 155/105 (185/125)

60 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (35’s/20’s) (Rx+ HSPU)

300 Single Unders (Rx+ Double Unders)

* Target time:14-16 minutes

* Time cap: 18 minutes


* Workout is partner with reps split between partners. One works while one rests. Stimulus is moderate pacing across. Athletes should strategize splitting reps in a fashion that will help keep intensity up and don’t be afraid to lower reps in later rounds as fatigue sets in.

Push Jerk

Push Jerk:

– Build to a heavy single for the day in 10 minutes

* rest 60 seconds between sets *

**How to approach the lifts**

– Work up to a heavy single. Go off of feel! If your body is tired, stay at lower percentages. If you feel ok, go up each set.

– Try and reach a heavy single in 6-8 working sets (not including light warm up sets).


1 min couch stretch (each side)

1 min foam roll lats (each side)

1 min wide leg forward fold (use DB or sandball as an anchor – don’t force position)

[Couch Stretch](

[Foam roll Lats](

[Wide leg forward fold](

Kelly Starrett

Priming the Split Jerk with the Bulgarian Split Squat


**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**

10 min AMRAP

30 single unders (focus arms close to the body and movement in wrists)

10 sec Overhead Hold

5 Double DB Shoulder to Overhead (lightweight)

5 Dumbbell Clean

**2. Workout Prep**

1 set With Partner

10 Double Unders (each)

2 Double DB S2O *or* Handstand Push-Ups (each)

1 Power Clean (each)

**3. Strength Prep**

– Body will be warm after the workout. While explaining the strength have athletes start getting the bars and progress through the warm-up while adding weight to each set: