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April 6, 2021
April 8, 2021

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit

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Bench Pyramid (7 Rounds for weight)

Heavy Day (Upper Body)

For Load


Bench Press*

:30 Seated L-Sit between each set

* HEAVY DAY!!!! Today, we bench!

* Don’t worry if you don’t have enough benches for everyone, we can dumbbell floor press, or share equipment so long as we are following the correct cleaning protocols. We have time between sets. This is not for time.

* We have 26 total reps! Log all lifts. They all count!

* The goal is to build in load and achieve a heavy double by set 4 or 5. When we re-visit the reps of 4 and 6, we can look to lift a little more than the first two sets.

* If the athlete fails a set, the set still counts as a set.

* Fun day! Let’s get strong and give the legs a little rest (just a little one).

After Party

## Clean-Up & Midline Work

**Ab-Roll Outs x 30 (each) or as many reps as can be accumulated in 5:00**

* Clean & wipe down all equipment, leaving the barbell with a set of bumper plates on. The load doesn’t matter, we just need your athletes to elevate the bar from the ground.

* Athletes will place the knees on the ground, align the hands with the shoulders and grab the bar.

* Keeping the arms straight, athletes will roll the bar forward while holding a rigid midline (shoulders, hips & knees in one straight line).

* Once a straight line is achieved, or as close as we can get without losing midline stabilization, keeping the arms straight, pulling the arms back towards the hips and return to the starting position

## Soft Tissue – Pecs & Lats

* Take a lacrosse ball or foam roller and spend 2-3 mins digging into the chest and behind the shoulder. Be sure to place the ball on the soft tissue and not the bone.

* This can be done in between sets of barbell roll-outs.



For Quality:


Tempo Deficit Push-Ups (4″/2″)


Alternating V-Ups

* Place hands on an object that is 2-4″ from the ground. This can be anything that has a stable platform

* If the deficit is too much, perform a regular push-up, or a push-up from the knees.