March 15, 2021
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March 17, 2021

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Barbell Cycling


Unbroken Power Cleans

* Athletes will have a good chunk of time to complete 3 unbroken sets on the barbell

* They can take as many warmup sets as needed *and* rest as needed between sets

* The goal is to increase in weight as the reps drops

* Athletes can pause in the front rack or in the hang position, but not on the floor

* Choose weights that are just outside your comfort zone for each rep number (not too light, not to heavy, but just right)

* Taking some warmup sets to feel things out will be helpful for finding the right weights

* If they weight felt too easy, you can always repeat that set as long as it fits within this time frame

Power Play (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Ascending Ladder for 7 Minutes:

1 Power Clean (135/95), 30 Double-Unders

2 Power Clean (135/95), 30 Double-Unders

3 Power Clean (135/95), 30 Double-Unders

Continue to add (1) Power Clean per round until time is called.

Rx+ 155/105

* The power clean is the focus of this two part workout

* In the first part, we’re working on barbell cycling at varying weights

* These sets of 15-10-5 are designed to be completed unbroken

* Look to build in weight with each drop in reps

* Part two will have more of a focus on steady single reps at a moderate barbell weight

* Choose a weight that you *could* cycle for reps, but will likely opt for singles to stay moving

* Your score in this portion is total reps over the 7-minute workout

* Here is a cheat sheet for reps:

* **Finish Round of 1 Power Clean:** 31

* **Finish Round of 2 Power Cleans:** 63

* **Finish Round of 3 Power Cleans:** 99

* **Finish Round of 4 Power Cleans:** 133

* **Finish Round of 5 Power Cleans:** 168

* **Finish Round of 6 Power Cleans:** 204

* **Finish Round of 7 Power Cleans:** 241

* **Finish Round of 8 Power Cleans:** 279

* **Finish Round of 9 Power Cleans:** 318

* **Finish Round of 10 Power Cleans:** 358

* **Finish Round of 11 Power Cleans:** 399

* **Finish Round of 12 Power Cleans:** 441


* Choose a double under rep number or variation that you can complete in 30 seconds or less

* Substitute 45 single under for double unders

After Party

## Ring Muscle-ups

5 Sets:

30% Max Ring Muscle-ups

Rest as Needed Between Sets




3 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans

30 Double Unders

6 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans

30 Double Unders

9 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans

30 Double Unders

Add 3 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans Per Round


## 30 Seconds Each

Jumping Jacks

Glute Bridges [Video](

Lateral Hops Over Dumbbell

Alternating Bird Dogs [Video](

Max Height Vertical Jumps (In Place)

Down Dog [Video](

Single Unders

Active Samson [Video](

Double Taps [Video](

Jumping Air Squats

## Dumbbell Warmup

10 DB Deadlifts

10 DB Swings

10 DB Hang Power Cleans

10 Front Squats

10 DB Presses


## Calf Stretch on Post: 30 Seconds Each Side


## Pigeon Post + Wrist Stretch: 1 Minute Each Side



3 Double Dumbbell Power Cleans

10 Double Unders