Dizzy Bat
December 30, 2020
Double Vision
January 1, 2021

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit Masters

Happy New Year Masters (Time)

Happy New Year (Time)

For Time, Complete the Following:

2,020 Second Cap on this Workout!

January 31 x Wall Balls or Medicine Ball Thruster

February 28 x Row (Calories)

March 31 x Sit Ups or Knee Raises

April 30 x Step Ups

May 31 x Double DB Shoulder Press

June 30 x BB Deadlift

July 31 x Air Squats

August 31 x Inverted Rows

September 30 x KBS

October 31 x Hops or Jump Rope

November 30 x 10m Run/Walk

December 31 x Double DB or BB Cleans

Each movement’s rep scheme will be dependent on the # of days in that month. 365 total reps.

*Start on the month that you were born in.

*This workout has a 33:40 time cap

Equipment needs:

Medicine Ball



2 DBs

1 Barbell

1 KB

1 Jump Rope (opptional)