Walk The Line
December 27, 2020
Simple Plan
December 28, 2020

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit Masters

“1 Mile For Time” Masters (Time)

Using an interval timer downloaded to your smart phone we will establish a 1 mile time walk/run/shuffle/jog.

The goals of this workout are:

1.To learn how to use a timer app on your own for home workouts.

2. Learn why walking speed is important and a predictor of health as we age.

3. Formulate a plan to improve your 1 mile time over the next few months.

**Bonus** this will establish a baseline and routine for something to work on every week on your own time!
I recommend using the interval timer on the SmartWOD app to try and improve your 1 mile time. You could set it to 60s work/30s rest and walk or run for 60s then walk at a comfortable speed for 30s for however many rounds it takes to accumulate a mile.

**You could adjust these intervals to something you feel like you could repeat for 8-15 rounds ie: 1min fast/15s slow or 45s fast/45s slow