So Fresh, So Clean
November 27, 2020
No Air Masters
November 30, 2020

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit

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Hang Power Snatch

On the Minute x 10:

2 Hang Power Snatches

* Every minute, athletes will complete 2 hang power snatches

* There is the option to increase in weight or stay at one moderately challenging load across

* Use moderate weights that balance both technique and power

* These are designed to be completed unbroken

* Record the heaviest load lifted for the score

No Air (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


30 Air Squats

20 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)

10 Strict Pull-ups

* We have two parts today, both with one common movement: the hang power snatch

* The first piece will give us a chance to work up to something heavier than workout weight

* This is a great chance for coaches to see and correct the movement before the workout begins

* Choose moderate weights that balance technique and power

* Athletes can increase or stay the same across

* This simple triplet workout that follows combines two bodyweight movements with a light weight hang power snatch

* The air squats will go quickly, but we’ll have to grind through the final two movements

* The intended scoring range is between 3.5-5 rounds

After Party

## Stamina Squats

On the Minute x 10 (5 Rounds):

Minute 1: 4 Front Squats

Minute 2: 8 Back Squats

*Barbell Loaded at 57% of 1RM Front Squat*




30 Air Squats

20 Single Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches (50/35)

10 Strict Pull-ups


## 2 Rounds

30 Seconds Hollow Hold [Video](

30 Seconds Air Squat (Arms Overhead)

30 Seconds Active Samson [Video](

30 Seconds PVC Overhead Squats [Video](

#Dumbbell Warm-Up #

10 DB Deadlifts

10 DB Swings

10 DB High Pulls (5 each side)

10 DB Front Squats

10 DB Push Press (5 each side)

10 DB Hang Power Snatches


## 1 Round

*With Workout Weights:*

10 Air Squats

5 Single Arm Hang Power Snatches

3 Strict Pull-ups