No Air
November 29, 2020
Jumper Cables
November 30, 2020

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit Masters

Skill Work

We will start today learning “Hang Power Snatch” technique. We will use a PVC pipe for most of this to dial in technique then make decisions about our workout from there.

No Air Masters (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


20 Air Squats

10 Hang Power Snatches

5 Pull Ups or Bent Over Rows

100 Meter Walk/Run

* We have two parts today, both with one common movement: the hang power snatch

* The first piece will give us a chance to work on this skill

* This is a great chance for coaches to see and correct the movement before the workout begins

* Athletes can increase or stay the same across

* This simple workout that follows combines two bodyweight movements with a light hang power snatch and a walk/run

* The air squats will go quickly, but we’ll have to grind through the final two movements

* The intended scoring range is between 3.5-5 rounds


* This light weight hang power snatch should be something you can complete in 2-4 quick sets

* Hang is defined as anywhere above the knees


* This could be jumping pull ups, inverted rows with a bar in the rack, or bent over rows

* This station is ideally completed in 1 minute or less