Annie and 20Min Row
November 23, 2015
Thanksgiving Partner Wod
November 25, 2015

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit

Shoulder Press

Fitness and Performance:

4-5 Sets

Strict Shoulder Press x 3-5

Rest 30 Seconds

Strict / Weighted Pull Ups x 3-5

Rest 90 Seconds



Every Minute on the Minute for 15 Minutes (5 Rounds)

Minute 1 – 100m Run

Minute 2 – 10 Burpees

Minute 3 – 5 Deadlifts

Power Clean


Power Clean EMOM

Pick a starting weight and complete 3 TnG Power Cleans every minute for as many minutes as possible until you fail to lift the weight, break between reps, or technique breaks down.

Starting Weights:

Rx+ 185/125

Rx 135/95

Scaled 75/45

You will complete 3 TnG reps every minute. You will add 10lbs to the bar every odd minute until you can’t safely make the next lift.