Deadlift and 3RFT(400m,KBS,HSPU)
September 15, 2015
Hang Snatch/Clean Work and MetCon(1000/100/1)
September 17, 2015

CrossFit Rome – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Fitness and Performance:

Every Minute, On the Minute

Complete as many minutes as possible of:

5 x Wall Balls (20/14) Rx+ 30/20

5 x Burpees

5 x Hollow Rocks

*All three movements are to be done in the same minute.

*The cap is set at 30 Minutes. If anyone makes it to 30 minutes, the coach for that class will do 100 Burpees.

Skill Work

Fitness and Performance:

Still working off of the minute timer. Pick 2 movements that you would like to work on and practice getting better at those.

Post the two movements to comments.


Fitness and Performance:

Pick at least 1 upper extremity and 1 lower extremity mobility piece and spend 2+ minutes on it. If you need suggestions on what you need to work on (areas of weakness) just ask the coach, they will tell you:)